Conception and Manufacturing of Industrial and Technical Brushes

Coming out of a family brush making business founded in 1889 by Ernest CARDOT,  CARDOTECH settled in Saint Hélène (southern Burgundy, France) in 1998, the year in which its CEO Daniel CHAINARD invested in a 2500 square meter building and in new production lines for specific and innovative brushes specially developed to each clients need.

Consultation in brushing, finishing, and mill roll processes as well as a dynamic R&D department distinguish CARDOTECH.

  • CARDOTECH has a large range of brush fibers to respond to all kinds of uses: nylon fibers, abrasive and auto sharpening nylon fibers, metal wires, and natural fibers.  Brushes made with one kind or mixed fibers for spiral brushes, strip brushes, cylindrical brushes, or special forms for dynamic or static applications.
  • CARDOTECH also has a large range of non-woven textiles to respond to specific mill roll needs: wringer rolls, pinch rolls, oiler rolls, bridle rolls, rolls for entry/exit furnaces… 
  • CARDOTECH is present in a number of industrial sectors (agriculture, food industry, automobile, wood, chemical, construction, packaging, energy, environmental, metallurgy, nuclear, plastics, glass, etc…) on the European, American, and Asian continents.  30% of our production is exported.