Brush with Hexagonal Flanges

Description : Brush spiral rolled on a tube with hexagonal press fit flanges.

Brush Head + Body

Description : Used to clean paint mixing tanks
Characteristics : Specially made modular brush with a cup brush head

Free Spirals

Description : Used in paper processing.
Characteristics : Double band spirals with Nylon 0.80 mm.

Brush with Special Bores

Description : Brushes rolled on a steel tube with a hexagonal bore.  This tube can be refilled again and again with a new spiral brush.

Steel Wire Brush on Tube

Description : Spiral brush with special form.

Stainlees Steel Wire Brushes

Description : Spiral brushes Ø550.

Spiral Brush with Keyway Bore

Description : Refillable brush cores with keyway bores

Cleaning of Conveyor Belts

Description : Strip brushes clamped to a brush core.