Training 2.0

The social networks and new technologies have arrived at CARDOTECH 
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The Brush-Tool in all its shapes

Cylindrical, square, rectangular, 5, 6, 7 sides, octagonal, …,
Cylindrical-conical, square conical, rectangular conical, octagonal conical,…,
CARDOTECH is at your service to develop a personalized brush–tool specific to your need.
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Need to balance a rotating part?, CARDOTECH is at your service!

Dynamic balancing according to working parameters of the rotating part in capacity dimensions:
Length up to 4 meters,
Diameter 100 up to 1500 mm,
Weight up to 2.5 tons.
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Brushes for hand power tools

A CARDOTECH Brush-Tool, with added value.
CARDOTECH has developed a range of heavy duty brushes for hand power tools at the request of wood workers in search of:
Efficient brushes (shorter working time to obtain satisfactory results),
Durable brushes (reduced brushing cost per square meter).
These different brush-tools used on wood are for:
Adaptable on the principle machines used by professionals in the woodworking trade
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"Hybridations" exhibit at the Jardins des Plantes, Paris

Alexis Tricoire is a vegetal artist.  he has created the exhibit "Hybridations" at the Jardin des Plantes during the Paris Design Week (between the 6th September to 24th November 2014)

In collaboration with the Federation of French Brush Manufacturers have blossomed 40 scenes composed with plantes and recycled brushes.

The compositons of brushes with synthetic, natural, or metallic fibers are blended amid tropical and desert plants

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Training for new balancing machine

At the delivery of a second balancing machine, the technician from SCHENCK gives a complete training to the production team.



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Wood Saturdays

Every first Saturday of the month, Cardotech opens its doors to woodworkers

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