Leading manufacturer of technical spiral brushes


Spiral brush rolled on an existing brush core or realization complete (brush and core)

Repeatability of our products over time.

  • Brush rolled on brush cores based on working conditions and specifications,
  • Technical sales department proposition realized in reference to an expected added value,
  • Dimensions capacity:   10 mm to 6000 mm lathe working length, weight up to 2 tons, Ø mini 50mm, Ø maxi 1000 mm,
  • Superior diameters and lengths possible for realization by 1 piece.



  • Constant factors of a spiral brush:
    • Brush manufactured from 2 metal backing bands
  • Variables of a spiral brush:
    • Length, external diameter, internal diameter, 
    • Type of bristles  (metal wire, synthetic or natural filaments, …single or multiple filaments),
    • Type of brush: flat, or cylindrical, rolled on a shaft or steel tube, or free spirals,
    • Backing band of galvanized or stainless steel,
    • Brush density
    • Close wound spirals, or with a left or right or both helical pitch, or double helical right and left,
    • Thick walled refillable brush core or disposable core
    • Brush trimming cylindrical or with special shape,
    • Arbor hole and keyway dimensions for the brush,
  • Brush core variables for spiral brushes: shaft or arbor holed tube, steel or stainless steel,
    • Static or dynamic balancing of the shaft or tube with and without the spiral brush.



  • Consultation in brushing process and finishing,
  • Offer complete integrating pickup of refillable brush cores to delivery towards all continents,
  • Annual blanket orders with multiple delivery dates possible
  • Contracts to set up a safety stock for sensitive products,
  • Production of small, medium, and large series or by 1 unit for feasibility,
  • Emergency refilling of brush cores for France and Export
  • Traceability and control report for 1 or by batch,
  • Specific conditioning for shipment,
  • Maintenance and restoration of shafts,… (bearing replacement, re-plating of bearing seats, dismantling bearing housings,…)
  • Assistance in start-up of brushes and training of brush utilization at customer site in France and outside of France,



  • Surface treatment: leveling, descaling, structuring, removing grease, depositing particles, dusting, deburring, cleaning, sanding, 
  • Other brush functions: shock absorbing, calibrating, conveying, electrical contact, decorating, unclogging, unblocking, distributing, gluing, pushing, pulling, sealing, labeling, evacuating, filtering, braking, guiding, washing, scraping, holding, transporting, positioning, pressing, separating, sectioning,
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