Leading manufacturer of technical strip brushes


Adaptation for existing holders or realization complete (strip brush and holder)

Repeatability of our products over time.

  • Product realized from working conditions and specifications 
  • Technical sales department proposition realized in reference to an expected added value,



  • Strip brush used in average application, single band strip brush or in a heavy-duty application, double band strip brush,
  • Constant factors of a single band strip brush:
    • Brush made from one metal backing band and one central binding wire,
  • Variables of a single band strip brush :
    • Length, height, width,
    • Type of filler  (metal wire, synthetic or natural filaments, …single or multiple filaments),
    • Brush density,
    • Backing band and binding wire in stainless or galvanized steel,
    • End of strip brush with normal crimp or reinforced with welding,
    • Bristles straight trimmed or with a form (chamfered edge at the end(s), bristles cut-out for shaft passage,…)
  • Type of holder for the single band strip brush :
    • H, F, or Y aluminum holders
    • Steel or stainless style type H or special holders,



  • Conception from working conditions and specifications:
    • Brush core for straight strip brushes
    • System of holders for strip brushes
  • Production of small, medium, and large series or by 1 unit for feasibility,
  • Specific conditioning for shipment,
  • Traceability and control report for each brush or by batch,



  • Function of sealing : air, water, dust, projections of hot or cold liquids, …
  • Function on solid objects: guiding, braking, cleaning, pushing, pulling, distributing, positioning, transporting, holding,…
  • Function on flexible objects: labeling, leveling, calibrating, electrical contact, gluing, pressing, separating, …
  • Function in liquids: unclogging, unblocking, filtering, …
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