Wood brushing, structuring, finishing

Description : Roughening and structuring to remove the tender parts of the veins to give a rustic look.

                         Sanding and finishing removes the fibers that appear after structuring the wood or used between 2 coats of varnish, paint, oil,...

                         The uniform application of liquid on wood is assured by brushing with specific types of brushes.

Brushes adaptable on all kinds of machines:








Brushes for portable or production line machines










Sanding and finishing brushes for portable or production lines machines :


Brushes for application of liquids (paints, oils:)








Brushes for hand power tools:















Brushes for molding and hardwood floor machines:








Brushes specially designed for extreme applications (temperature, mecanical constraints,...)








A commitment to results:

Operating procedures on your equipment are provided by one our our experts, upon delivery of our brushes.